Booiaka movement incorporates elements of many different dance styles, such as Latin, Brazilian, Jamaican, hip-hop and Reggaeton - but the emphasis is on having fun, releasing your spirit and feeling the beat. Booiaka Movement has already helped many women get healthy, gain confidence, and even fight depression. Weight loss is just a lucky side effect of this workout. They see exercise as a chore and their bodies as imperfect. Booiaka Movement will change the way people feel about exercise and view their bodies, as well as improve their physical health and quality of life.

Booiaka Movement is the subtitled The Way You Move because it is the way you move with your body, your mind and your spirit - it is the way you move in your life! It is easy to learn because it is intuitive: our bodies want to move to the beat. Booiaka movement is for everyone! People of all different shapes, sizes and ages have enjoyed Booiaka Movement and benefited from the experience.


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