Archers of An-Garrek

The grey afternoon light falls on the surreal moonscape of mid-Cornwall's industrial clay country. Nearby are the artificial paradises of the celebrated Eden project, golden sandy beaches, and picturesque fishing coves. But these barren, unprepossessing looking highlands hide something far more interesting: if there were such a thing as a 'geological ghost', Roche Rock would be it.Perhaps it's the way it sits there, seemingly blending in with the colour of the landscape, until you realise that it's too big, it's too imposing and that discovering it is too sudden; reaching the island-like crag of Roche Rock takes the visitor by surprise.To find this unusual outcrop, take a left turn off the A30, eight miles (13km) south-west of Bodmin, towards Roche (pronounced 'Roach') village. There you will find it a random fragment, as out of sync with its surroundings as a farmhouse in the middle of New York City. But there's no sprawling metropolis here; just a cluster of terraced cottages a few hundred yards up the road, and in one of these cottages you you will find the "Archers Of An-Garrek" and the wonderfull Wilshaws and the fun folk who attend this fantastic club founded and hosted by Gary & Megan Wilshaw who are fun and friendly folk and certainly know all there is to know about archery, also with the fun members who attend this amazing club, it is one big happy family who have a good time as well as enjoy archery. The ruined chapel on the summit of the Rock's centre crag was dedicated to St Michael in 1409, but you can't help thinking that the Rock would have had religious or sacred connections from more ancient times, even though, unlike Cornwall's many megaliths, this blob-like structure is an entirely natural phenomenon.According to geologists, Roche Rock has been in the lee of the mountainous clay waste heaps, and overlooking the plateau of northern coastal Cornwall, for over 270 million years and the Archers Of An-Garrek will be around for quite a while too.

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