Back at Ease

Making the benefits of Pilates, Yoga, Ballet, Mobility & Fitness accessible to everyone.

At Back at Ease Pilates we believe in seven fundamental principles.

Individual - we believe in individual personal attention within our classes. Within our classes you will very often find two instructors.

Attainable - our classes are achievable for everyone…old or young, injured or fit, stiff or flexible, it really does not matter. Every person is unique & with this in mind we bring the movement to you, we modify & adapt & improve your movement and flexibility over time.

Enjoyable – we make our classes fun & enjoyable so you will want to come back again & again.

Challenge – we make it our mission to find that right level of challenge for you – enough to inspire change, but not too much, which may provoke an injury. We endeavour to look after you and invest a lot in helping you achieve your goals.

Confidence – We are excellent at what we do and therefore have confidence in what we offer.

Flow – Our classes are built with a fantastic sense of flow. This means one exercise will move seamlessly into the next, allowing us to get a lot into one class giving you tremendous value for money.

Progressive – The classes are delivered to help a wide variety of individuals from those looking to rehabilitate from an injury, to those who are looking for a workout to strengthen and tone their body. No matter who you are there will be a suitable level for you and we will progress you at the right speed for you.

It’s all about you.

Although we teach in group classes, we are 100% dedicated to treating everyone as individuals; we pride ourselves on being able to adapt and modify exercises to ensure not only their safety but also so that you can get the maximum from each exercise and from each class.

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