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Big Hitting Business - Rounders in Your Workplace

Friday 16th October 2015

Bring Rounders to Your Workplace

Why not have a Rounders Leader come into your workplace and deliver an engaging fun session at lunchtime in the car park or after work within a local facility?

Please get in touch and we can make this happen for you.


Thought Rounders was only a Summer Game?

How about trying indoor rounders? The free indoor sessions take place on Wednesday's at 6:00pm at the Newquay Sports Centre. Monday's at 7:00pm at the Sir Ben Ainslie Centre in Truro

The sessions are aimed at people aged 16 or over and last for 1 hour.

Come along to free Rounders sessions in Newquay and Truro. It's an initiative backed by Cornwall Sports Partnership as part of its vision to make sport and physical activity apart of everyday life - and by Rounders England.

For more information about indoor netball or having a Rounders leader visit your workplace, contact Lewis Sanders on 01872 323344 or email: lesanders@cornwall.gov.uk



Indoor Rounders

Playing indoors makes Rounders an all-year-round sport, keeping players fit and active, ready for outdoor play in the spring/summer season.

The Official Indoor Rounders Rules, are similar to the Official Rounders Rules, making it easy for people to pick up the game and start their own Indoor Rounders clubs.

Indoor Rounders is a limited-ball, six-a-side game for both men and women and can be played as a club or as a drop-in game to make it easier for busy people to come and have a go. It is exciting, fast and fun, with the ball bouncing off the ceiling and off the walls at odd angles which makes it easy for anyone to be able to score and have fun.


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