Howl ha Loer

SNOZ (St Austell – Snozzle – Snoz) Noz (Cornish for night). The Cornish phenomenon of modern social dancing takes place at the Noz Lowen (happy night) evenings all over Cornwall and is spreading. A Noz Lowen is an inclusive social event that brings in people from toddlers to the very senior. There is no class or age distinction within Nos Lowen as they are for everyone who loves Cornwall, and everybody mixes.The dances have their roots in traditional Cornish dances and steps but simplified so that a ‘caller’ (as you would find at barn dances and ceilidhs) are not required. The dances also allow a lot of individual expression, so in one dance the dancers can be as sedate or energetic as they want and everyone is still doing the same dance.Great low-impact aerobic exercise and you won't even think you are exercising. Snoz Noz meet for 6 week workshops throughout the year from 7pm – 9pm at St Austell Parish church Hall, Trevarthian Road (check our website for dates of workshops). A chance to learn the dances for beginners and variations in the dances for experienced dancers. Followed by a mini Noz Lowen to put the dances into practice. For further information contact 07946 024410, www.facebook/howl ha loer, or


Howl ha Loer
St Austell Parish Church Hall
Trevartian Road (south side)
St Austell
PL25 4BH

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Howl ha Loer

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