Hupo wushi Kung fu

We are a multi style Chinese martial arts club. Teaching several styles of Kung fu including traditional shaolin, wing chun, wushu, lau gar, applied chinna, qigong and escrima. We teach traditional forms but also focus on chinese style MMA and application through drilling and sparring. The only Kung fu club in cornwall affiliated to the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA), our instructor is an ex shaolin monk still training in China.We believe in training hard but in a relaxed atmosphere so expect an intense workout and a complete martial art system that works at kicking, punching, trapping grappling and ground ranges along with some weapon skills. Suitable for beginners or experienced martial artists. A great way to get fit and improve your body and mind.


Hupo wushi Kung fu
Carrick sports centre
12 Carew road

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