Inner Chimp

We provide fun sessions that are focussed on helping you identify the areas of your life that might need a gentle helping hand, or in some cases a tougher nudge. The idea of the Mind Boot Camp is to give your mind a workout but in a educational and enlightening way. If you are going to the gym then there may a physical goal, these sessions are will help to identify mental goals.Each week we focus on a new area and activity but from session one we will provide you with some tools that will allow you to develop as a person if thats needed, build greater confidence and assertiveness, less stress or a little more self belief. These sessions can happily compliment your daily routines, career aspirations and current employment, sporting goals or personal development. The Mind Boot Camp is there to help find out a little more about who you really want to be and how you can get there.


Inner Chimp
Sennen Churchtown Hall
TR19 7BT

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Inner Chimp

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