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Pilates reformer now available at Kinesis

Tuesday 9th December 2014

Pilates reformer now available at Kinesis

Kinesis Pilates & Fitness Studio is now offering one-to-one reformer sessions.
The reformer is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that will complement your matwork classes, deepen your understanding of the Pilates method and add a new dimension to your practice.
It consists of a moving platform attached to a frame by a set of adjustable springs. The springs offer resistance which can either increase the challenge of an exercise or provide support. Exercises can be performed in a variety of positions - standing, sitting, lying, kneeling - and can be adapted for all abilities.
Kinesis owner Christen Pears is a certified Body Control Pilates reformer instructor. For more information or to book a session contact her on 07932625144 or email enquiries@kinesisfitness.co.uk

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