The Joy of Stretch

Small, friendly and personal classes in a non-threatening environment:

PILATES (mat) - all levels: My classes provide a well-rounded work-out, combining stretches with the core strengthening work following the traditional principles of Pilates focusing on breath, concentration, centring, control, precision and flow.Yoga: Hatha & Vinyasa Flow

CHAIR-BASED PILATES: Work your deep stabilizing core muscles, improve your strength, flexibility and balance, also reduce stress and tension with effective breathing techniques and calming relaxation. Please note, you will need to be able to walk up a few very low steps to get to my studio.

CORE FITNESS (LBT): This is a fairly challenging class that works to tone and condition all the major muscle groups, especially the abdominal, back and legs using body weight and equipment such as fit balls and weights.
50+ & 60+ FITNESS: Keep Fit classes for the middle-aged! Includes light aerobic and resistance training (bands, weights)

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The Joy of Stretch
18 Brockstone Road
St Austell

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