A wide variety of community based Exercise, Dance Fitness, Zumba and Pilates classes with Gill and her fantastic team of instructors. Offering everything from Easy Fitness (Easybeat ) through Zumba, Boogie Bounce, Clubbercise, Mash Up and Jungle Body Konga to High Intensity workouts as well as various levels of Pilates, Yoga, Veraflow and, for the less mobile, half hour Chair-Based exercise classes - Seats and Beats

Some of our classes do not involve any floor work at all and this can be really helpful for people. We offer plenty of options and alternatives if certain exercises simply don't suit you.

Please visit our website to see our timetables, term dates and prices:- www.embracedancefitness.co.uk

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Welcoming Fitness - 3 Classes for 5

Sunday 25th October 2015

Welcoming Fitness offer classes in the local community run by Rhiannon, Fleur, Helen and Louise. They aim to offer as wide a variety of workouts as possible, so you can exercise gently or as energetically as you want. As an introductory offer Welcoming Fitness are offering 3 classes for just 5....

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