YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs

Social enterprise providing unique YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs specialized yoga programme. The most significant evidence-base nationwide, shows this programme to be safe, effective and cost-effective as a long-term self-management option for recurring back pain. University of York, Department of Health Sciences RCT research; funded and supported by Arthritis Research UK; roots in Cornwall as the yoga programme's designer and clinical lead is Cornish. Our highly-qualified yoga teachers, with extra training in back-care and how to deliver exactly the same yoga used in research, educate how to gently and progressively get back to normal activities and better general health. Ideal for those wanting to "get active", but who have injuries, worries or doubts about how to start to do this carefully and appropriately. Helps one "step up" to other activities.Teaches one how to look after lower back and general health. De-stress; Re-energize; Learn how to lessen the intensity, frequency and duration of back pain episodes; reduce time off work.12-week courses. Taught in small groups. Individual attention.
CNHC Registered. BWY Accredited. BCYT Approved. Supported by Arthritis Research UK research relaxations CD, home practice handouts, book.Pre-course registration required.

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