A bat-and-ball sport, played by two teams of eleven. A match is played on an oval field, in the middle of which is a 22-yd long strip of flat ground called a pitch. One person (the bowler) rolls a fist-sized ball down the pitch towards a wicket. At the other wicket, a batsman defends the wicket with a wooden bat. The bowler's team members field the ball to stop the batsman from scoring. The batsman must run from one wicket to the other, or hit the ball to the edge of the playing field in order to score a point.

Activity type:

Bat/Stick and Ball Sports

How to get involved:

Contact the Cornwall Cricket Development Officer Joe Skinner: / 07785 722251

Equipment needed:

Cricket ball, cricket bat, wicket, stumps, bails

Average cost:

Under 5

National Governing Body:

England and Wales Cricket Board

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