Kite Surfing / Kite Boarding

Kitesurfing or kite boarding is an individual primarily recreational sport. It is conducted on open areas of water, which can be shallow or deep, flat or bumpy, in preferably constant winds between 8 -50knots.
The "pilot" aims to fly the kite in a pattern to produce power to pull him/herself along the surface of the water across the wind, following the same basic principles as sailing. There is no motor power involved.
The pilot wears a harness to balance his/her weight against the kite. There is no connection between the kite and the board apart from via the pilot.

Activity type:

Water Sports

How to get involved:

Contact local kite surfing/ watersports centre

Equipment needed:

Kite, kite board

National Governing Body:

British Kitesurfing Association

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