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• Get more active
• Lose weight
• Improve your fitness
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However you choose to use the Challenge, the main aim is to get you more active. 

To help you visualise this and set yourself a target, the Get Active Challenge encourages you to undertake physical activities that are converted into miles and plotted against a virtual map of the Cornish coastline.

You can set yourself Personal Challenges or Private Team Challenges at any time when the Workplace Challenge isn't running. 

Get Active Challenge

Monday 11th September - Sunday 22nd October

Registration for the Get Active Challenge 2017 is now OPEN!!

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NEW FOR 2017!
Fancy a table tennis table for your workplace or want to raise funds for your local sports club?
Anyone who participates in the 2017 Get Active Challenge has a unique opportunity to raise funds whilst being active.

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2017 Get Active Challenge

Challenge period: 11 Sep - 22 Oct

Cornwall Council Leaders' board

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Leaders' board

# Organisation Team Average distance
1 Cornwall Council Thorn BetweenTwo Roses 215.16 miles
2 Cornwall Council One Wise (?!?) Owl and Two Villains 128.90 miles
3 Cornwall Council Health & Safety Team 124.47 miles
4 Cornwall Council Bert, Ernie & Steve 113.10 miles
5 Cornwall Council SAVENELLYSKNEECAPS 100.43 miles
6 Cornwall Council macpac 85.69 miles
7 Cornwall Council 113+ 81.75 miles
8 Cornwall Council Jiggleypuffs 80.71 miles
9 Cornwall Council Red Hot Chilli Steppers 75.22 miles
10 Cornwall Council FSST Fitties 64.41 miles
11 Cornwall Council Rockin' Freakapotamus 63.28 miles
12 Cornwall Council The Pathletes 60.02 miles
13 Cornwall Council Too inspired to be tired 56.29 miles
14 Cornwall Council Through The Decades 52.58 miles
15 Cornwall Council Fighting Fit! 51.10 miles
16 Cornwall Council No More Eccles Cakes 45.81 miles
17 Cornwall Council St John's Steppers 43.95 miles
18 Cornwall Council Bit Fits 43.27 miles
19 Cornwall Council One Step Behind 42.84 miles
20 Cornwall Council The Drugs Do Work 41.22 miles
21 Cornwall Council Tour De Kernow 40.57 miles
22 Cornwall Council Fitty Bittys 38.04 miles
23 Cornwall Council Early Help stars 33.00 miles
24 Cornwall Council Andy's Maids 31.54 miles
25 Cornwall Council Kernow Shufflers 31.46 miles
26 Cornwall Council The Fit Bit Chicks 27.31 miles
27 Cornwall Council HR Belles 26.04 miles
28 Cornwall Council 2 girls and a boy 21.20 miles
29 Cornwall Council The Walking Dead 18.16 miles
30 Cornwall Council WOULD BE/COULD BE/SHOULD BE 14.62 miles

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1. Padstow

Well done for reaching Padstow! Check out some fantastic wild swim spots, cycle paths and walking routes . . .

More about Padstow

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