Helen Glover gives golden seal of approval to the Get Active Challenge


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Helen Glover gives golden seal of approval to the Get Active Challenge

Olympic Gold medal rower and Cornish girl Helen Glover has given the thumbs up in support of an exciting new online challenge, aimed at getting workplaces more active.

The Corporate Get Active Challenge will be running for six weeks from Monday October 8 through the www.getactivecornwall.co.uk website, giving all Cornish companies and organisations the opportunity to get involved and get more active.

Hot on the heels of the London 2012 Games, the Corporate Get Active Challenge is all set to inspire the county and to get those of us who were previously glued to the TV watching the Games off our sofas and on our feet. All you need is a team of three people and you are ready to go.

In support of the initiative, Team GB rower, Helen Glover enthuses: "The 2012 Games have been such a fantastic celebration of sport and I had the sense that the whole county has been behind me. The Get Active Challenge is a great opportunity for people across Cornwall to get a bit more active off the back of the Games and create their own legacy of activity. I hope the Challenge is a great success and lots of people are inspired to get involved.
"As many people will know, four years ago I hadn't even picked up an oar, so who knows where the Challenge could lead and hopefully some people will choose rowing as one of their activities! Even if they aren't aiming for Rio in 2016, I hope that people will set their own targets and have a great time completing the Challenge"

The Challenge has been set up to allow participants the flexibility to do and record as many activities and sports as they like. Participants log the time they have spent exercising and/or the steps they've walked and ran and their activity is converted into miles and plotted on a map of the county, alongside every other team competing; with the aim to circumnavigate the Cornish coast as a collective.

Developed and funded by the Cornwall Sports Partnership, the Corporate Get Active Challenge was piloted last year with Cornwall Council and over 600 employees took part. This year the Challenge has been opened up to all workplaces and the Sports Partnership is hoping to see over 1,000 participants.

Mike Thomas, Director at the Cornwall Sports Partnership, comments: "Working with Cornwall Council last year we exceeded all our expectations, both in levels of participation and enthusiasm. It was incredible to see what an impact the Challenge had on team morale, bringing out competitive spirit and also actually doing what it should - getting more people active.

"We are excited to now be offering it to all companies and organisations as a way to bring their workplace together and have designed the system to be as easy as possible to get involved, so there really is every reason to take on the Get Active Challenge!"

The Corporate Get Active Challenge will be going live on October 8 and teams are able to sign up to take part now by clicking here!

Date added: Thursday 27th September 2012
Last updated: Thursday 12th March 2020

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