Corporate Get Active Challengers step up their mileage


The Corporate Get Active Challenge started on October 8 and has been running for nearly three weeks, giving all Cornish companies and organisations the opportunity to get more active.

Set to inspire the county and get those of us who watch sport on TV from our sofas and on our feet, 64 teams of three have decided to take up the baton and get involved. Amongst the many activities being undertaken, challengers have been walking, running, jogging, cycling, swimming, horse riding, taking exercise classes and visiting the gym, all in an effort to circumnavigate the Cornish coastline to complete the Challenge.

To date, over 70 miles have been covered by the assortment of enthusiastic and intrepid teams taking part who are now well on their way to St Agnes, the next Challenge destination. One of the teams trying hard to work their way up the Challenge leader board has set themselves a particular goal.

Claire Pomeroy, Team Leader of Tracadoodledoo says, "Our team has primarily been walking including walking tea breaks at work which we've introduced as part of the Challenge. We've also been going on lunchtime runs together and some of us have active gym memberships.
We're aiming to complete 10,000 steps each using our own pedometers which are a great help as they give us more focus. The Challenge has definitely inspired us to get more active and it‘s made us more conscious about our day-to-day activities. Walking tea breaks at work have also helped develop and encourage team building which is brilliant."

Further down the leader board but full of enthusiasm for the Challenge, Caroline Williams, Team Leader of Jarrang says, "We're registered with and operate a Healthy Workplace so it's great we can incorporate the Get Active Challenge within our everyday goals. I lead a full life outside of work and have a great work life balance but finding time to do the amount of fitness I'd like to can be an issue. The dark nights also restrict when I can run, swim and surf but the Challenge has provided a great way in which to track these activities as I'm unable to commit myself to a club of any sort."

The broad range of activities offered as part of the Challenge have also been explored by some participants including badminton, Hawaiian canoe and paddle boarding, Zumba, Cycling, and Wild Swimming. No Strings Badminton has proved a particular hit which has left NGB Badminton Leader, Emma Austin, ecstatic: "There's been a fantastic response to the No Strings Badminton courses across the county as a result of the Challenge. I'm delighted it's making a difference and getting people to respond to fun and easy to access sports."

Kelly Martin, Team Leader of The A Team, was one of those inspired to take up a racket, "We found out about No Strings Badminton from the Challenge's weekly activity bulletin so we thought we'd give it a go. I've not played since school and totally forgot how much fun it is. I've never been particularly competitive but now badminton is taking over my life! I'm constantly looking at the leader board with a view to remaining in the top ten for the rest of the Challenge and I've requested a racket as a Christmas present!

I intend to continue playing badminton as well as swimming, cycling and going to the gym with my team members once the Challenge has finished. We've realised that the peer support we can offer each other is of tremendous benefit and that a collective goal has helped give us focus and the drive we need to remain motivated. The Challenge has given us a sense of purpose which is absolutely brilliant."

Delighted with the way in which participants are having fun with the Challenge, Mike Thomas, Director at the Cornwall Sports Partnership, says: "A lot of people are using activities they already undertake to complete the Challenge but they're increasing the volume of these activities which is fantastic.

It's very apparent that people are having a great deal of fun while taking part which is very much what the Challenge is about. As the weeks forge on we're also hoping more people will be tempted to try an activity they've never considered before, as those who have taken the plunge have been surprised at how easily they've become hooked."

Check out team progress and positioning on the Challenge leader board by clicking here.

Date added: Friday 26th October 2012
Last updated: Thursday 12th March 2020

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