2012 Corporate Challenger Experiences Revealed


Read our collection of fantastic quotes about 2012 Corporate Challenger experiences:

So how did you get on?

"Once we started the Challenge we all made an effort to be more active and check our progress on the leader board which definitely made us more competitive. I work a lot with my horses, I compete at a good level and there's a lot of training and stable work involved.

My team mates spent a lot of time exercising their dogs, taking part in running clubs, surfing and running coastal paths recreationally. I think the Challenge is great because anyone can get involved and it always feels good to be healthier."

Try anything new?

"We found out about No Strings Badminton from the Challenge's weekly activity bulletin so we thought we'd give it a go. I've not played since school and totally forgot how much fun it is.

I've never been particularly competitive but now badminton is taking over my life! I was constantly looking at the leader board with a view to remaining in the top ten for the rest of the Challenge and I requested a racket as a Christmas present! I intend to continue playing badminton as well as swimming, cycling and going to the gym with my team members even though the Challenge has finished.

We've realised that the peer support we can offer each other is of tremendous benefit, and that a collective goal has helped give us focus and the drive we need to remain motivated. The Challenge gave us a sense of purpose which is brilliant."

What about those of you who are already active?

"We independently completed our Challenge activities because we already compete in various events. I'm a marathon runner and my team mate competes in the Grizzly Cross Country Run in South Devon, our other team member who is a great all rounder did lots of running and cycling.

We enjoyed taking part in the Challenge so much last year we decided to do it again to see if we could improve our performance and previous achievements."

Did the Challenge change your attitude towards being active?

"During the 2012 Challenge I went on recreational walks with my friends and family which helped me get out of an inactivity rut, and my team helped motivate me without too much pressure.

We loved the fun element of taking part particularly beating my wife's team! For me, the best part of the Challenge was analysing what I did on a day-to-day basis, and getting up half an hour earlier in the mornings for walks which I previously never used to do."

Were you able to incorporate the Challenge into your lifestyle?

"During the Challenge it was my birthday so we booked a trip to Go Ape which was a new experience for me and I'm not great with heights. I also went to Centre Parcs and did lots of walking and cycling, and completed a big walk with my team mates from Prussia Cove to Praa Sands.

The Challenge inspired us to do this, as well as support each other to do more in order to get round Cornwall. It brought us together as a team, particularly when competing against our office rivals."

How was the Challenge for office camaraderie?

"I attended workplace yoga sessions with my team member who's been recovering from an injury. Usually, she competes with a gig rowing club so it's good we've been able to attend these sessions together. The Challenge was good fun and, even though I'd worked with my team mates for many years, it's allowed us to get to know each other even better, which was great."

Were you able to incorporate Challenge activities in work time?

"Our team included walking tea breaks at work which we introduced as part of the Challenge. We also went on lunchtime runs together and some of us had active gym memberships. We aimed to complete 10,000 steps each using our own pedometers which were a great help as they give us more focus.

The Challenge definitely inspired us to get more active and made us more conscious about our day-to-day activities. Walking tea breaks at work also helped develop and encourage team building which was brilliant."

What about those of you who are short on time?

"We're registered with and operate a Healthy Workplace so it was great we could incorporate the Get Active Challenge within our everyday goals. I lead a full life outside of work and have a great work life balance but finding time to do the amount of fitness I'd like to can be an issue.

Dark nights restrict when I can run, swim and surf but the Challenge provided a great way in which to track these activities as I'm unable to commit myself to a club of any sort."

Meet any new people?

"I love dancing Ceroc at the weekends which involves a good way to stay fit and a great social scene, and this was the main motivating factor for me during the Challenge. It gave me the opportunity to attend out of county dance weekends so it was a fantastic way to meet new people."

Did the Challenge help you discover anything new?

"The Challenge made me more conscious of my day-to-day activities, it's scary when you realise how long you sit down at work - but also revealing.

One of the greatest things about the Challenge was discovering the scope of activities available in Cornwall which I might like to try. I'm also a gig rower so the Challenge helped me focus on my fitness as I aspire to make the rowing A Team in time for the World Championships next year."

Now a question for the sportier bunch: Give us a flavour of your motivation and sporting tenacity!

"We put our heart and soul into our activities which in 2012 included walking the entire coastline of Cornwall, with a view to tackling Devon in the future, and training for the Cornish Marathon, putting in around fifty miles per week.

We took up the Challenge in 2011 as well as 2012 and always look forward to seeing sporty teams taking part. For us, it brings something extra to the event and makes us try even harder."

Describe the impact the Challenge had on you and your team.

"The Corporate Get Active Challenge changed my life! I enrolled in many new ventures including a fun run and 10k race which gave me new goals to work towards.

The Challenge had an impact on my family too. My partner joined a running club and his son joined the school rugby club which for two years he wasn't brave enough to try. The Challenge really changed our attitudes towards enjoying sport and as a team we fully intend to continue with our lifestyle changes."

OK everyone, in a sentence summarise the 2012 Corporate Get Active Challenge!

"The Challenge is a great idea and good fun."

"The challenge made us focus as a team and increased our activity, especially at the weekends."

"As a team we found it fun to make it round Cornwall and it certainly helped morale especially when we completed it!"

"It was interesting to discuss getting active with other people who realised they did nothing at all."

"Our team thoroughly enjoyed the experience and one of our members subsequently lost some weight so she's delighted!"

"It was great, I thoroughly enjoyed taking part and it definitely made me increase my activity."

"High energy information and enthusiasm provided . . . thumbs up!"

"Thank you for organising it - I think it is a great idea."

"I really enjoyed it as it helped me get back into exercise after breaking my foot running, I feel like I am back on track now and ready to start training again."

"It's been great for my fitness and our team's morale!"

"It was a great personal boost and created a fantastic atmosphere between the teams at work."

"It was fun to be challenged against colleagues."

"The Challenge goal is good as it motivates you to do more and the camaraderie involved is lots of fun."

"The Challenge makes you more aware of doing something every day rather than just a few times a week."

"What we've discovered is that you can be active without being super fit - whatever your weight, whatever your age, if you're determined enough you can achieve great things."

"Fantastic - so glad I took part, please let the next one be soon!"

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Many thanks to our 2012 Challengers and their words, contributed to this page. 

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