Keep Motivated - Top Tips 2013


Set a challenge at your workplace

Set yourself a Private Team Challenge at work on the Get Active website. It's a fun way to continue circumnavigating the Cornish coastline. You can choose the timeframe for each Challenge (minimum period is two weeks).

Try walking tea breaks for fifteen minutes or half an hour or stand-up meetings with short agendas. Each is designed to keep you moving in a fun but productive way and get you away from your desk.

Set up an after work club of your own for you and your workmates. Lots of activity centres can be booked by the hour such as games pitches or courts - find one on our database.

Chart the amount of activity you undertake at work using a pedometer. You may be surprised by how little or how much you do! There are lots available at varied prices which allow you to track any walking activity you choose to do.

Get more workmates involved

Make exercise fun by making it social, grab more workmates and get them involved. Exercising with and against more team mates will increase your competitive rivalry guaranteed!

Set yourselves an attainable group goal. Small weekly increments are ideal such as exercising for ten minutes longer, going an extra mile further, or losing one extra pound in weight.

Focus on the benefits of exercising and create some team rewards. For example, if your goal is to collectively lose weight, once you've reached your target treat yourself to a spa treatment together.

Take part in the next Corporate Get Active Challenge and encourage more teams in your workplace to join you!

Get a head start on colleagues at home!

Subscribe to a fitness magazine or try a home workout DVD. Turn your living room or spare room into a mini fitness studio that the weather cannot spoil! There are also inspirational stories and advice sections in sports magazines that you may find useful.

Find out what type of activities are being organised in your area by checking the Get Active website on a regular basis. Try something new or get your family and friends involved.

Make your next holiday activity based so your whole family can join in and try something new. There are a large number of providers and organisers who can suggest holiday ideas for the UK or further afield.

Create or find a fitness programme that suits your goals. There are many available on the internet for activities such as swimming or running that are time focussed, which allow you to build your fitness and stamina levels.

Good luck, and see you on the next Challenge.

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Date added: Friday 5th July 2013
Last updated: Thursday 12th March 2020

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