Winners of the 2014 Workplace Get Active Challenge Announced


Winners of the 2014 Workplace Get Active Challenge Announced

From 12 May to 23 June, intrepid teams of three from local organisations across Cornwall battled against one another, in an epic tussle for the top spot in this year's Workplace Get Active Challenge.

Over six weeks, 121 competing teams completed various activities to improve and maintain their fitness while circumnavigating the Cornish coastline and plotting their progress.

A 42% increase in team participation, compared with the 2013 Challenge, included staff members from businesses as well as various schools across the region.

By the end of the Challenge, 96,560 miles had been collectively recorded, 45% more than the 2013 contest. The number of steps taken also reached 50,372,632, an improvement of 70% compared with last year.

The Furthest Distance Travelled in the Lynher League was accomplished by Cornwall Council's Filthy Foxes, completing a staggering 2,377 miles which included 269,000 steps.

Team Leader, Amanda Dymond, said; "The Challenge has inspired us to do more activities and really push ourselves, so-much-so we've now entered the Cotswold Classic Middle Distance Triathlon at the end of August.

A half iron man is a massive step forward for us, bearing in mind we've never swam in wetsuits before and didn't even like swimming with our heads in the pool, never mind tackling a huge lake! We've overcome these fears now, which has made us realize if we can do such things, so can others.

The Workplace Challenge helped us do this and we're delighted to have won the Lynher League." The trio also raised £4,000 for an MS and Dementia charity during the Challenge by each cycling 330 miles.

Hot on their heels were Cornwall Council's The Carew Crew accomplishing 2,014 miles with fewer steps at 34,500 in total - an impressive figure nonetheless.

The Furthest Distance Travelled in the Fowey League saw Truro College's HE Higher Flyers scoop the top spot amassing 792 miles including a colossal 567,000 steps. On receiving their prize team participant, Rosemary Hayward, said; "The Challenge made us much more active and my family were amazed I put in so much effort.

I hadn't swam for over ten years and had to dust the cobwebs off my bicycle. As the dog is on a diet I started taking her with me on five mile rides, much to her disgust, but by the end of the Challenge she got excited when the bike came out the garage.

As a team, we're delighted to have received a prize at the end of the contest. The challenge now is keeping up our activities as we're keen to take part again next year."

Runners up in the Fowey League, Peninsula Community Health's team The Fab Abs, managed a tantalizingly close 787 miles but also struggled to match the High Flyers step count with just 84,000 in the bag. Team Leader, Jasmine Brown, reflected: "It was great fun taking part in the Get Active Challenge. 

It made you think and plan ahead as to what exercise you could do that evening or weekend.  As the weeks went by we all felt fitter and more motivated to keep going.  I did some amazing coastal walks up and down the cliff paths, yoga and Pilates for core strength and flexibility, and gardening to keep my allotment looking good. 

It was great to see participation by so many other companies and as such we didn't expect to win anything, so we're really surprised with what we have achieved."

A Spirit of the Challenge Award was awarded to Callington Community Academy Trust for entering the most teams, a grand sixteen in total. Kate Harrison, Team Leader of The Dream Team, accepted a monetary award in place of a Fruit for Work box on their behalf and has kindly donated items to their local food bank. Truro College, TRAC and Cornish Mutual were close behind, also entering multiple teams.

Cornwall Council's HR team also won the Most Creative Team name for their ingenious team title: How long do I have to exercise for a portion of chips? For an average runner, you'd probably need to complete a 10k run!

Team Leader, Jen Robertson, said; "We were a fairly active team already however, as you can tell with the team name, one of us was more motivated by burning calories so we could still eat chips!

The Workplace Challenge gave us the incentive to do more exercise and walk instead of using the car - we're so lucky living in Cornwall in such beautiful surroundings and with excellent leisure facilities."

All teams received Fruit for Work food boxes courtesy of The Cornish Food Market.

Individual prizes have also been announced.  Anthony Meehan of Francis Clark LLP will receive Julian Goater and Don Melvin's "The Art of Running Faster" book, for running over 276 miles (321,000 steps) during the Challenge.

William Gilbert of Richard Lander School will also receive a copy of "Obsessive Compulsive Cycling Disorder" by Dave Barter for cycling over 547 miles, an impressive individual achievement.

On hearing the news he said, "Thanks to everyone involved at the Cornwall Sports Partnership for running and organising the Workplace Challenge. It's been a great incentive to keep exercising. It's also lovely to be acknowledged given that there were so many other people involved and I'm really looking forward to receiving my prize."

Mike Thomas, Director at the Cornwall Sports Partnership, says: "The issuing of Get Active pedometers has definitely had a positive effect on Challenge numbers this year as people find it useful as well as fun to log their activity in this way.

We're also delighted to see so many organisations participating in 2014 that are new to the Challenge, including staff from Richard Lander, Port Isaac, Wadebridge and Liskeard Schools. The competition has been terrific as a result with plenty of healthy rivalry!"

Organisers are now issuing a survey to help them improve the contest for next year with a Challenge date yet to be decided for 2015, but anyone can sign up to take part in a personal or private team Challenge here.

Pictured: Karen White, Amanda Dymond and Lorraine Lehan of the Filthy Foxes receiving their prize and certificates.

Date added: Monday 14th July 2014
Last updated: Thursday 12th March 2020

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