Cornwall Roller Derby

Cornwall Roller Derby is a league of male and female skaters participating in a full contact sport on quad skates (there are also non-skating roles available). We are a self-managed, not for profit organisation.

CRD trains as a league to be competitively involved in the Roller Derby scene in the UK. Whether you are a competitive skater, looking for fun, fitness or just have the urge to try something new, Roller Derby has a place for everyone from all walks of life, male and female. All that we ask is that you are over 18 years old and have the determination to learn how to become a kick ass skater!

If you feel that the full-contact aspect of skating as part of a Derby team is not for you, you can still get involved. There are also skating referees, non-skating officials (NSOs), committee and coaching positions. CRD has two home teams: Kernow Krakens, who train at Newquay Sports & Community Centre on Mondays, 8-10pm, and Rapscallion Rollers, who train at Penzance Leisure Centre on Wednesdays 7.30-10pm. Both teams recruit annually.

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Cornwall Roller Derby

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Kernow Krakens Skate School: Class of 2020

Thursday 12th March 2020

Skate School 2020...

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Roller Derby at Newquay Sports Centre

Roller Derby at Newquay Sports Centre

Tuesday 31st December 2019

The fast-paced, high adrenaline sport of roller derby is coming to Newquay! ...

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