Dance safely

  • Before dancing it's a good idea to do a warm up and some gentle stretches, and to have a cool down at the end. Try marching on the spot, and a few jumps and shakes of the body, tensing and releasing muscles in time to the music.
  • If you are looking to join a class, select a suitable level for your experience.
  • Follow any safety instructions you are given by the teachers.
  • Do not attempt any moves that are beyond your level of ability or that you cannot do safely due to lack of experience or a medical condition.
  • Wear clothing that you feel comfortable in.
  • Always wear suitable footwear, such as dance shoes or dance sneakers, or dance barefoot where safe (but never dance in sandals/flip flops).
  • Don't wear shoes with high pointed heels unless you are experienced enough to wear them safely.
  • Avoid dancing near obvious hazards such as steps, furniture, railings or pillars.
  • Frequently check the location of other dancers and objects around you.

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