Overcome your concerns

"I just don't have time"

The spontaneous nature of dance means you don't have to plan it; why not dance while in the kitchen making dinner, or instead of sitting still when listening to your favourite music. Almost any activity can be made into a dance - setting the table, sweeping the floor and so on!

"I can't afford the dance classes or expensive outfits"

All you need to dance is a person - there's no need to worry about buying props or outfits. Children can have fun at home or in school just by using their imagination.

"Isn't dancing mainly for girls?"

Some cultures may disapprove of girls dancing, but most feature dances for both sexes. And, it's usually something young boys love too - from an early age they enjoy all types of dance; from ballet and ballroom to streetdancing and modern. If they love music, it's really easy to get boys up on their feet!

"I'm no good at dancing. How do I teach my kids the steps?"

Dance is all about having fun and enjoying the movement and rhythm it brings. See if someone else in the family likes dancing and ask if they can get involved. Remember, dance can be as free and imaginative as you like - in many ways it's more like a game.

"I feel self-conscious about dancing with my kids"

You can do it all in your own home. And the more you dance, the less self-conscious you feel. Try a few simple ideas yourself first to get everyone started, then encourage the children to put on a show.

"What about all the noise?"

It's normal for children to make noise while playing and having fun. But you could plan their dance activity at certain times of the day, or get them to practice steps while singing the music in their heads.

"My children are too young to follow dance routines"

Dancing can be as free and imaginative as you like - for young children, it's often fun to make up characters and bring them to life through movement.

"I'm not very imaginative. How do I give my children ideas?"

Most children love watching music videos. They could simply copy the routines they see, or get together with their friends to come up with new dance steps. Dancing is so much fun that children only need a small amount of encouragement to make it part of their everyday play.

"I don't want to encourage my kids to listen to pop music"

Why not try making a set of bongo drums out of old containers - all you need is rhythm. Or get them to dance along to classical music. Whatever the music the rest of the family enjoy, children can have fun making up dances.

"Dance is already a big part of my culture"

That's fantastic - try to include the children as much as possible and also explore the vast number of dance styles from around the world. It's fun to compare and contrast them... Imaginative dance and play are also great for children to explore, and help with their development!

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