Rugby League

Two teams of thirteen play this full-contact sport on a rectangular field with prolate spheroid-shaped ball. Each team is responsible for defending their half of the field, and each team takes turns defending and attacking. The object of the attacking team is to get the ball out of their own territory, towards the opponent's in-goal area. From there, a team member can score a try, which is worth four points. A try is when the ball is placed within the opponent's in-goal area, or on the try-line. In some cases, a team will opt to kick a one-point field goal instead of going for a try.

Activity type:

Contact Sports

How to get involved:

Contact John Beach - Chairman of the Cornish Rebels on 07977801431 or email

Alternatively contact Anthony Atherton - The RFL, on 07775 022810 or email

Equipment needed:

Rugby ball

Average cost:

Under 5

National Governing Body:

Rugby Football League

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