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Whilst many usual forms of activity are off limits due to restrictions on movement and social distancing, activities like running remain accessible to just about anyone. Its free, doesn't require much equipment or other people and the facilities are literally on your doorstep!!

Running is a great way to take up your permitted daily exercise and even a small dose will make instant improvements to your health and wellbeing. No matter what your starting point, it is the ideal activity to build your confidence and exercise habit especially as a progression from walking. Best of all you control the pace and duration, starting slowly and gradually building towards the recommended minimum 20-30mins a day.

Many people also find that running is a good activity for helping them to switch off and escape the daily grind and the feel-good factor can last well after you finish. It's also a great way to get out into Cornwall's amazing open spaces, explore your local area and connect with nature.

If there is an upside to the current situation then the roads are less busy, and the air is cleaner so if you are ever going to Get Running then now is the time.


The details...



Free - £5


Kit required

• Trainers
• For women, a good sports Sports Bra


Opportunities to get running in Cornwall

With plenty of running clubs and groups in the county, it has never been easier to join at an entry level. Many clubs have a walk run group for those that have not run before or for a while.

There are also opportunites to take part at events like parkrun at Lanhydrock, Tamar Lakes or Penrose (from feb 2015).

If you really just want to go out by yourself, there are also a number of 3-2-1 routes around the county for you to have a go at when you feel like it!



Seasonal availability

All year round.


Social opportunities

Running is an activity that people of all different ages and abilities can do it - which makes it a great exercise to enjoy with your friends and family!


Who can run?

From complete beginners to competitors, running is fully inclusive, young to old... running is suitable for absolutely everybody!


Fitness level required



Potential calorie burn
(for 30 minutes at moderate intensity)




October 2021

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