Run Safely

Some people are put off running because they're worried about being safe, but by taking a few precautions we can all feel safe while we run...

  • Choose routes that are well-used, and well-lit if you run at night. 
  • Know where you're going - if you don't know the area well, take a map or leaflet. 
  • Be prepared to change your route if you feel unsafe for any reason. 
  • Take a mobile phone and/or tell someone where you've gone if you're going on a long walk. 
  • If you're wearing headphones, make sure you can hear traffic and are aware of everything that's going on around you. 
  • Take care on busy roads and road crossings, and paths used by cyclists.
  • If you are running at night or in low light conditions, make sure you are clearly visable by wearing a hi-viz top

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