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If you want to learn to swim the best place to start looking is at your local pool: they will have information on lessons for all ages and be able to tell you about times, dates, prices and whether there is a waiting list.  If you are not confident that you want to start, ask if you can watch a class or two to get a better idea of whether it's for you, or ask to speak with one of the teachers.

Something you could also consider is joining a club. Use our activity search to find your nearest one! Or, although swimming clubs are usually independent from the pool, your local pool should also be able to give you a name and contact number to help you get started.

One way to access some top points for getting started and/or tips for improving your swimming, is Swimfit;  an online club full of advice on providing a programme to help you structure your time in the pool. Whether you want to imporve your swimming technique or to use swimming as a way of improving your fitness, Swimfit will guide you every step of the way. Click here to find out more!

Always remember, with any activity, that anyone with heart disease or other health conditions should consult their doctor before starting any exercise programme.

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