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Swimming is a great way to get up and about and have fun. It doesn't matter how old you are, being in the water helps us be more active and stay healthy, and can also be a great way to unwind and enjoy ourselves.

But, just what is it that makes swimming such an excellent way to get and stay active and why should you take the plunge?!

  • 30 minutes of steady paced lane swimming burns over 200 calories - well over 400 in an hour
  • Any swimming that makes you breathe more heavily counts as ‘moderate' activity, including treading water - so you are working most of the time you're in the pool
  • The pressure and resistance of the water makes your body work harder and 30 minutes of water-based activity is worth 45 minutes of the same activity on land
  • The water takes your weight, so swimming can be great for those who want low impact exercise - women during pregnancy for example, or for people who have mobility problems or want to protect their joints
  • Swimming works your whole body for all over toning!
  • Swimming is great for your heart - because you are using your whole body, your heart has to pump blood hard to your arms and legs, helping circulation too
  • It is also great for your lungs - length swimming in particular forces you to breathe in a deep and rhythmic way which gives your lungs a boost
  • Being in water can have great psychological benefits too - the pool can ‘take you away from it all' and the feeling of being in water can be refreshing, relaxing, and liberating as the water takes your weight

The Details...



Free - £5 ??


Kit required

• Swimsuit for a pool
• Swimsuit or wetsuit for the sea
• Towel

For comfort, you could also use earplugs, nose plug and a swimming cap

Swimming pools also have a variety of swimming aids available to use for free


Opportunities to get swimming in Cornwall

With plenty of indoor swimming pools at leisure centres and hotels across the county, there's plenty of opportunity to find a pool near you!

And, if you're not afraid of a little cold, we are also surrounded by incredible beaches with safe spots to get in the sea for a free swim.


Who can swim?

From complete beginners to competitors, able to disabled, young to old... swimming is suitable for absolutely everybody!


Seasonal availability

All year round


Social opportunities

Swimming is an activity that people of all different ages and abilities can do it - which makes it a great exercise to enjoy with your friends and family!


Fitness level required

Any... there is a swimming stroke to suit all fitness levels!


Potential calorie burn
(for 30 minutes at moderate intensity)




August 2022

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