2011 Winning Team


2011 Winning Team

The Challenge is about increasing how much physical activity we do to lead a healthy life and to hopefully show those of us who currently don’t do a lot that it can be enjoyable, and a bit addictive!

It’s not a race but ‘Five Go on an Adventure’ from Adult Care & Support were the most active team in the 2011 Official Challenge, achieving 699.91 miles between them… that’s twice around the Cornish coast!!

We asked team members Lisa Lepley, Kelvin Julian and Laura Royle how they got on in with it. These are their responses:

What would you say was your preferred activity option?

Kelvin: My preferred option was the gym which meant I could incorporate a number of varying exercises and classes all under one roof.

Laura: I did a lot of running! I started running outdoors last summer and liked it. I have been running on a treadmill in the gym for a few years but running outdoors is so much better!

Lisa: I did do a range of activities – mainly because during the first week or so of the challenge a slipped disc in my back re-lapsed. It was nothing to do with the challenge and my physio said I needed to get a pilates gym ball and do various exercises on that – so I sat on it every day at work and did exercises throughout the day. My favourite activity though was cycling on my exercise bike.

By doing the challenge did you increase the times you would walk/cycle to a meeting or to work?

Kelvin: It made me more aware of what I was already doing and whether there were additional changes I could make to up the mileage!

Laura: The challenge definitely got us all thinking and talking about our activity levels – we were maybe a little bit fanatical about it! Using a pedometer really illustrated how inactive I am whilst at work; my job is mainly based at a desk and the only activity I get is walking upstairs to the loo or to the kitchen for a cup of tea! It got me thinking about how I can include more activity in to my working day.

Did the challenge encourage you to try something new?

Kelvin: I didn’t think it was going to but I found myself doing exercise classes at the gym that I have never done before.

Lisa: I wouldn’t say so – my back made me do something new – but the challenge definitely increased my activity!

Did it prompt you to get active in your lunch breaks?

Laura: Because of the pedometer and the challenge I definitely walked more during my lunch break and walked into town when possible to get my steps up. I could also be found jogging on the spot occasionally!

Lisa: Yes – I walked down into town from work most lunch times which is a good mile or so round trip.

Were you inspired to think differently about being active by taking part in the challenge?

Kelvin: Oh yes, to win!

Laura: It was apparent quite early that certain members of the team were going to be competitive (Kelvin)! I think this may have increased our levels of activity.

Lisa: Yes – I found myself always trying to walk that little bit further with my dog. I was determined to walk the coast of Cornwall.

Would you say you became more active than usual by doing the challenge?

Kelvin: I became very driven and focused on winning – bit of nightmare to be honest.

Laura: Definitely, for the first few weeks I was running every night after work and sometimes going to the gym on top of that. I slowed down after a while but still maintained a higher level of activity than I would normally have done. I go hiking fairly regularly on the weekends and encouraged my partner to do this more regularly and for more distance during the challenge (I’m sure he appreciated it J).

Lisa: Yes definitely, I loved how active I became. This challenge definitely gave me a boost to doing more exercise – not because I wanted us to win – I just wanted to see what I was capable of doing.

Has it prompted you to continue to be more active?

Kelvin: Oh yes it certainly has!

Laura: I was quite new to running outdoors but during the challenge I pushed myself to run more distance. This really helped to increase my enjoyment, motivation and sense of achievement and I hope to run a half marathon with my brother in 2012. I am now more aware of how active I am in my working day and take conscious steps to increase this.

Lisa: I am still doing my cycling every evening – and I walk a lot of the weekend with my dog – but the dark evenings make it harder to walk with the dog – we still go, just not as far because there is no lighting. This challenge definitely helped my slipped disc – it has improved tremendously because of the amount of exercise that I was doing.

Date added: Tuesday 18th September 2012
Last updated: Thursday 12th March 2020

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