Keep Motivated - Top Tips


It can be difficult getting out of the house to exercise, particularly in the winter time.  So have a look at our top tips, a few may just work for you.

  • Set yourself a Personal Challenge or a Private Team Challenge on the Get Active website. It's a fun way to chart your fitness and activities while circumnavigating the Cornish coastline. See how far you can get on your own or in a large team.
  • Make exercise fun by making it social, grab a buddy and get them involved. Once you exercise with someone else you'll feel compelled to continue training together rather than making excuses not to go.
  • Subscribe to a fitness magazine or try a home workout DVD. Turn your living room or spare room into a mini fitness studio that the weather cannot spoil! There are also inspirational stories and advice sections in sports magazines that you may find useful.
  • Find out what type of activities and events are being organised in your area by checking the Get Active website on a regular basis. Try something new or get your family and friends involved.
  • Make your next holiday an activity based one so your whole family can join in and try something new. There are a large number of providers and organisers who can suggest holiday ideas for the UK or further afield.
  • Join a club, class or gym and make fitness sessions a regular habit. Once you get to know other members and class mates you'll look forward to catching up with them on a regular basis - you could become friends!
  • Set yourself an attainable goal otherwise you might struggle to achieve it and get disheartened. Small weekly increments are ideal such as exercising for ten minutes longer, going an extra mile further, or losing one extra pound in weight.
  • Create or find a fitness programme that suits your goals. There are many available on the internet for activities such as swimming or running that are time focussed, which allow you to build your fitness levels.
  • Sign up for a race in the county or further afield. Whether you're a beginner or a well-seasoned sports lover there are plenty of races in various sport disciplines in which you can get involved. Google your favourite sport for event details or get in touch with your local sports club.
  • Focus on the benefits of exercising and create some rewards. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, once you've reached a weekly target treat yourself to a massage or a night out at the movies.
  • Join a sponsored activity or volunteer event, there are plenty around the county. Working towards or becoming part of an event could help you programme your activities more effectively and create a time-orientated goal.
  • Chart your progress using a pedometer or hand held form of satellite navigation. There are lots available at varied prices which allow you to chart miles for any activity you choose to do.


Date added: Monday 3rd December 2012
Last updated: Thursday 12th March 2020

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