The 2013 Corporate Challenge dares you to bury the biscuit barrel


The 2013 Corporate Challenge dares you to bury the biscuit barrel

Registration for the third six-week Corporate Get Active Challenge in Cornwall starts Monday 25 March.

So join us and get your company and workers more active!

The Challenge pits teams of three against others across the county in a race to circumnavigate the Cornish coastline by encouraging you to complete and record online as many activities and sports as possible.

In return you'll receive health and fitness tips, ideas for motivation and bonus giveaways.

It follows findings of a British Heart Foundation survey released in January that one in five workers fail to take a lunch break and do absolutely no physical activity during working hours.

Half felt stressed at work on a daily basis, and around a third resorted to chocolate as a pick-me-up to help them get through the working day.

A BBC News Magazine survey found workers regularly opened a pack of biscuits, chocolate or crisps, and estimates that eating two unhealthy snacks daily contributes to piling on almost half a stone in a year.

Encouraging workers to become more active, the Cornwall Sports Partnership's 2011 Corporate Get Active Challenge pilot attracted over 600 Cornwall Council employees, with entries welcomed from workplaces across Cornwall in 2012.

It anticipates the 2013 Challenge will resonate with workers spending long hours sat at desks who are keen to ditch bad habits and bury the biscuit barrel.

Challengers get results

2012 participant, Kelly Martin, enthuses: "The Get Active Challenge changed my life.  We entered a 10k race and a fun run which gave us new goals to work towards, my partner also joined a running club and his son joined the school rugby club which for two years he wasn't brave enough to try. 

The Challenge really changed our attitudes towards enjoying sport and we fully intend to continue with our lifestyle changes."

2012 participant, Claire Pomeroy, adds:  "The Challenge inspired us to get more active and made us more conscious about our working day-to-day activities. Walking tea breaks at work also helped develop and encourage team building, which was brilliant."

Rise in motivation and morale

After completing the 2012 Challenge, 71% of participants who gave feedback reported a positive effect on their activity levels and 60%, a positive effect on their motivation and morale.

Mike Thomas, Director at the Cornwall Sports Partnership, comments: "We were exceptionally lucky to have rower gold medal winner, Helen Glover, supporting the Challenge last year but with no Olympics in 2013 to get people in the spirit, it's vital that schemes such as Workplace Health and the Corporate Get Active Challenge encourage people to keep active and continue the Olympic legacy. 

As a direct result of the Challenge, workers have discovered you can be active without being super fit, and whatever your weight or age if you're determined enough you can achieve great things while having fun. 

Keeping active, fit and healthy is vital for each and every one of us, and if we can incorporate schemes in the workplace to encourage this everyone will benefit. We certainly look forward to welcoming more teams to compete in the Challenge this year."

Get involved!

The Corporate Get Active Challenge starts at 9am on Monday April 29, and you can register your teams from 9am Monday March 25 here.

Date added: Monday 25th March 2013
Last updated: Thursday 12th March 2020

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