Corporate Get Active Challenge's Popularity Grows


Corporate Get Active Challenge's Popularity Grows

Intrepid teams from local organisations ensured the third Corporate Challenge achieved a 22% increase in team participation compared with 2012.

Competing Cornish companies completed various activities to improve and maintain their fitness while circumnavigating the Cornish coastline and plotting their progress.

The results

By the end of the Challenge, 52,996 miles had been collectively recorded, totalling 21,587 more miles than the previous Challenge. The number of steps taken reached 15,036,000, an improvement of 1,899,000 steps compared with 2012.

Those who took up the baton and attempted the course were awarded well-earned prizes this week as the Cornwall Sports Partnership's invigorating contest drew to a close.  A selection of Challengers was awarded for their extraordinary achievements.

Impressive stats

The Furthest Distance Travelled was accomplished by Cornwall Council's The Barnstormers, completing a staggering 895 miles virtually doubling their 2012 record. 

Cornwall Council women's team Amloka were awarded Intrepid Runners-up for a whopping 721 miles and giving the all male Barnstormers a heroic and fun challenge

Team Captain, Amanda Dymond says, "We loved the competitive element of the Challenge and were eager to beat the Barnstormers to the top of the leader board. It's been great working as a team towards a common goal while keeping fit at the same time. We recommend the Challenge to anyone wanting to take part, whatever their level of fitness."

Multiple team entries

A Spirit of the Challenge Award was received by TRAC for entering the most teams with Coastline Housing receiving a Spirit of the Challenge Runners Up award.  All teams received Fruit for Work food boxes collectively containing 270 pieces of fruit, courtesy of The Cornish Food Market.

Receiving their certificates and awards, Natalie Hann and Toby Butcher of TRAC said, "We're delighted to win this award and represent our company.  All our teams put a lot of effort into the Challenge including weekly walking tea breaks, and we received regular status updates to encourage us all to try even harder."

Justin Floyd of Coastline Housing added, "We're proud of all our teams particularly Camp Corner and Team Coastliners who came fourth and sixth on the final leader board, but above all we enjoyed trying to beat one another and the rest of the teams taking part."

Personal achievements

Individual prizes were also awarded.  Cornwall Council's Sancho Brett received a 2.0 litre hydration back pack for his achievements in cycling and Jo Morris of Coastline Housing received a Wild Swim book by Daniel Start for the furthest distance swam by an individual, free-styling an impressive 140 miles.

Prize draw winners at the end of the contest included Gemma Chidley of Cornwall Development Company who took away an annual National Trust membership.  Cornwall Council's Jo Long and Rose Whitty of Carloyn Bay Occupational Health also took away Instant Ping Pong sets.

Fit but fun contest

Mike Thomas, Director at the Cornwall Sports Partnership, says: "Listening to feedback from participants last year, the third Corporate Get Active Challenge underwent some changes.  We wanted to ensure it remained fresh and that all contenders were motivated and inspired to be more active. 

As a result, we've seen a rise in the number of competitors who all say they love the Challenge's fit but fun nature, and I congratulate all those who took part.  Thanks also to the Cornish Food Market for their ongoing support and local retailers, including Tony Pryce, Clive Mitchell Cycles, Cotswold Outdoor Truro and Tempus Leisure."

Get involved

Organisers have now run focus groups to help them improve the contest for next year with a date yet to be decided, but anyone can sign up to take part in a personal or private team Challenge now.

Image of winning team members (L-R): Justin Floyd and Michaela Chamberlain of Coastline Housing and Toby Butcher and Natalie Hann of TRAC collecting their certificates and Cornish Food Market Fruit for Work boxes.

Date added: Friday 5th July 2013
Last updated: Thursday 12th March 2020

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