Rules & FAQs

How often is the Get Active Challenge held?

The Challenge currently runs at different times of the year with dates announced in advance.

Who can join the challenge?

Anyone can take part in the challenge providing they are over 16 years of age.  

Registering a team - what is my organisation name?

If you're competing as a workplace, your workplace is your organisation's name, for example Cornwall Council or Cormac, you'll be asked later for your team name.

If you are taking part in the Get Active Challenge as part of your community and not from a workplace - please enter a descriptive name of either your community group/sports club/book club as well as including a location. For example Sally's Knitting Group - Bodmin or Padstow Football Club would be you organisation name, then you need to choose a separate name, for example The Best Knitters or the The A Team. If there is more than one team for Sally's Knitting Group - Bodmin you all have the same organisation name and choose different team names.

Why do I need to give my address and contact number in order to sign up or register for the Challenge?

If you're competing as a workplace, please provide your work contact details, if you're competing as a community user please use your personal details.

These details allow us to contact you during the Challenge for quotes and updates and to inform prize winners and send certificates.

What happens if we have more than three people who want to take part?

Your organisation can have as many teams as you like as long as each team has three people.  Setting up multiple teams can create rivalry which adds to the fun, as well as competing with other companies across the county.

If you're struggling to create a team let us know at and we'll see if we can find other members to help out.

Why is my password not working?

When entering your password, please make sure you don't add any spaces at the end. If you copy and paste a password from another place, spaces are sometimes added. If you check this and your password is still not working then please request a new password by following the online instructions (Forgotten Password). 

I don't have a computer - how can I register my team/activity.

Libraries have computers with the internet that you can use free of charge. They also have digital champions who can help you to use the computer and register your activity. There are also paper copies of the activity log you can use and then add these to the website once a week. If another member of your team has access to a computer - they could register you and add your weekly information on your behalf.

Why am I not receiving Challenge emails?

Spam filters and security settings may prevent interaction with the Get Active Challenge site so please check your settings as they may need altering. Add us to your contact list to avoid problems.

Can we join the Get Active Challenge after it has started?

Yes, but to ensure you are not disadvantaged you need to remember the activity you completed since the start of the Challenge and add it to your log.

What happens if I'm away for the start of the Challenge?

It doesn't matter, as long as your Team Captain has registered your team and knows that you want to take part. You will also need to remember any activities undertaken during that time and add it to your Activity Log when you return. To make this easier, you can download a hard copy of the log and take this with you to complete each day.

What happens if I'm away for a week during the Challenge?

No worries - so long as you remember any activities you completed during that time and add it to your Activity Log when you return. To make this easier, you can download a hard copy of the log and take this with you to complete each day.

Alternatively, you can access and update your Activity Log from a home PC or you can ask your Team Captain to upload activity on your behalf so you remain eligible for the weekly prize draws that reward Challengers logging frequent activity.

If you are away for the last week of the Challenge, make sure you or one of your team mates logs your activity before the cut off date of midnight Sunday 5th November 2017.

How often should I update my Activity Log?

As often as possible! The sooner you upload your activity the better you can compare your progress with that of your competitors. People uploading their activity on a weekly basis will automatically be entered into prize draws to win fantastic prizes so why miss out?

Also bear in mind that after the cut off date you won't be able to add any more activity. If you forget or miss the deadline you will lose those miles or steps, so don't leave it all to the last minute.

Can I enter steps and minutes for the same activity?

No, when completing your activity log you will only be able to input either minutes or steps. The only activities that give you the option to input either steps or minutes is walking and running. Everything else should be measured in minutes.

What happens if an activity I've done isn't on the list?

Within your Activity Log you will find an 'other' option that can be used for any activities not listed such as horse riding or equestrian activities. If you record what type of activity it is, we also find this useful.

Does sex count as physical activity?

Yes - please select ‘Other' from the list and input it here. Some people insert a smiley face :0)

How is my physical activity converted into distance?

For an activity such as walking, 2,000 steps or 15 minutes of physical activity will equate to 1 mile of distance travelled. However, intensities for more demanding activities such as cycling or running will equate to a range of higher distances. Cycling will always accrue higher distances due to the nature of this activity.

How do I work out the intensity level of my activities?

Please use the following guide to choose the relevant intensity:

  • Mild: Ability to hold a conversation while undertaking activity
  • Moderate: Limited ability to hold a conversation while undertaking activity
  • Vigorous: Inability to hold a conversation while undertaking activity

How can I track my team members' progress?

Once you have logged in go to the leader board page. You can track your team members' progress by switching the view in the orange bar above the map and distance travelled. You can also check your personal contribution to the Challenge there.

If someone leaves the company or doesn't want to continue with the Challenge, can we swap them with somebody else?

Only Team Captains can delete members from the team list and invite a new team member. However, the new team member will need to input all the historic physical activity they have done since the start of the Challenge.

Is it possible to change the Team Captain?

Yes. Please email to make that request and we will update the system for you.

If we manage to travel around Cornwall within 6 weeks does the Challenge stop?

The challenge continues for six weeks regardless of any teams completing the route. If your team has reached the final destination the map will be completed but the distance you travel will continue to increase - so keep going!

What do we win if our team completes the Challenge?

There are various fun prizes awarded to winning teams in different categories however these change on an annual basis to ensure different types of Challengers are rewarded for their efforts - plus, team names are displayed on the leader board and stay on record.

Anything else?

Please email any other questions you may have to

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