What can I do as a parent?

1. Be an active role model and plan to do some activities together

Make time each week to be active and have fun as a family e.g. cycling, go for a walk, play frisbee, have a kick about. Any changes should focus on ‘activity for everyone’ as part of a family lifestyle.

2. Help to practise basic skills

These are essential skills which help form the basis for future participation in physical activity and sport e.g. throwing, catching, kicking, running and jumping.

3. Find active ‘alternatives’ for everyday jobs

Try to swap inactive behaviours for active ones e.g. watching TV without the remote control, walking with your child to school instead of driving, parking further away at the supermarket rather than the usual spot. Add all these small changes together and you get a really big difference.

4. Praise and reward effort

Praise your child when they are being active. Be positive about accomplishments, big and small and remember to recognise and reward persistence and ‘the taking part’.

5. Encourage your child to ‘have a go’ at lots of different activities

Variety is the spice of life, so encourage your kids to find new ways to keep active. There are lots of different ways to exercise, including trampolining, circus skills or street dancing. Use our Activity Search to find out what’s available near you!

6. Challenge your kids!

Kids love a challenge and a great way to motivate your child is to set them a task. For best results, set it realistically within their limits and remember to keep it fun.

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