Getting started

Launching yourself straight into something new may be very daunting and overdoing it could even put you off continuing. So, here are a few suggestions for getting you started and to keeping you active, whether it is a part of your own personal plan, or as part of a class or club.

The first few steps will always be the hardest, so make them as easy for yourself as you can by putting together an action plan, taking the following tips into consideration:

Choose an activity you like

You’ll be more motivated. Have a look at what’s happening round the county to see if anything grabs your interest

Start small and progress at your OWN rate

Don’t aim too high! Set yourself targets that you can easily achieve and choose activities that can be repeated to become a part of your routine

Vary your activities

Make sure you don’t get bored, maybe by changing times and places or by trying a new activity

Be social

Ask others to join you during your activity routine; the support and company will work wonders for your morale

Get into a habit

Avoid making excuses and try not to let anything stop you. Plan a time for you to do your routine and aim to stick to that. Generally after 12 weeks it will become something you do without even thinking about it!

Use reminders

Put reminders in places where you will see them – on the fridge, by the door, near the sink, etc… also keep your kit and trainers packed so you’re ready to go

Choose a role model

Do you have a friend or colleague who already has an activity routine? Have a chat with them and use them as a role model and for support

Stuck for ideas on where to start? Here are a few possible thoughts for your routine:

Walk more

Instead of driving, walk to the pub, shop, to see your friends, taking the kids to school, etc, and maybe try to make time during your lunch break to nip out for a brisk stroll

Climb stairs more often

Take every opportunity to climb stairs when you can, instead of using the lift and escalator. When there’s only an escalator available, walk up it instead!

Avoid sitting for long periods

Try to get out of your chair every 30 minutes. Get up during the adverts or between programmes when you’re watching TV; make a cup of tea, nip to the toilet or do some filing to break up long PC usage whilst at work

Make the most of your leisure time

Make a point to be more active on your days off and weekends; get out there and enjoy the county!

Make arrangements with a friend

You’ll find the mutual motivation will keep you going for longer as you won’t want to let them down

Make it a family thing

We’re incredibly fortunate in Cornwall to have so many fantastic outdoor activities to enjoy. Why not buy a book of popular Cornish walks or cycle rides and get out more often with your husband, mum & dad, kids, brother, sister, grandparents, friends…

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