What's stopping you?

“I don’t have any spare time”

Try to make exercise your priority and do your best to stick to a plan. If you can’t find the time for a class or club session, try to do as many shorter bouts of activity as you can throughout the day; walking briskly to the shop at lunchtime, taking the stairs, or doing some stretches whilst you’re waiting for the kettle to boil.

“I’m not sporty”

You don’t need to be a top athlete to lead an active life. You’ll be surprised at how many simple activities you can add to your daily routine that will keep you fitter; e.g. walking, gardening, dancing. Or, why not surprise yourself and try something new!

“I’m too embarrassed”

If wearing tight gym kit fills you with dread then why not look to start somewhere else… You can start gradually building up your fitness with everyday activities, such as climbing stairs and walking, or maybe a fitness DVD to do in your own front room. As you start to get fitter you’ll more than likely lose weight and you’ll also gain the confidence to try new things.

“I don’t have the energy”

It may seem strange but the more exercise you do the more energised you’ll become and the less tired and more relaxed you’ll feel. If you do find that you’re very tired, and unable to perform simple exercises however, it’s advisable to check with your GP that there’s no physical reason for this.

“I can’t afford it”

Walking and running are free and so are a number of other lifestyle activities. Take a look in the local paper for secondhand bikes and other exercise equipment. Also, keep an eye out for organised local walking/running groups to join.

“I’m not healthy enough”

Physical activity can help with most health conditions; speak to your GP about which form of exercise would be best for you.

“I’m not old enough to have to worry about it”

After the age of 30 our bodies start to physically decline, and by being inactive we speed up that decline. The earlier we start a routine, the more likely we’ll be to stick to it and the healthier we’ll be in later life. It’s never too early to invest in our future!

“I’m too old”

It’s never too late to make a start or to feel the benefits. Look and ask around, you’ll be surprised at how many activities there are for people of all ages!

“I used to be quite active but have been ill and now feel unfit”

Take it easy when you begin again, starting with small amounts of activity and building it up again gradually.

“I am a bit active, but not active every day”

Try and think of some activities that can become a routine part of your life. Use our search to find something that you can easily fit in with your plans.

“It all seems like too much effort”

Don’t try to do too much! If you set your goals too high in the first instance, you’re bound to get demoralised and put off when they’re unreachable. Set some new realistic short-term goals and reward yourself when you achieve them... and gradually try doing more every time you do achieve them.

“My family, work and home responsibilities stop me from being active”

Get organised! Plan how to deal with your main commitments but also schedule in some different activities that you can fit around them.

“It’s not much fun exercising on your own”

Invite a friend to join you so you can support and motivate each other. Or use our activity search to find a class or group to join.

“The weather is terrible”

Try something that you can do indoors or, even better, at home until the weather gets better.

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