13 - 17 Years

Cornwall Healthy Weight 13 - 17

13 - 17 Years

Healthy weight 13-17 years is our programme aimed to teenagers in Cornwall. If you would like any top tips around eating healthly. Cornwall Healthy Weight also run a personal healthy lifestyle programme, on a one to one basis for 13-17 year olds that are above a healthy weight.

Cornwall Healthy Weight tailor all the sessions to your needs, so you can choose what you would like us to cover over the seven sessions.

  • Looking at the different food groups and how to eat a balanced and healthy diet
  • Find out how much fat and sugars are actually hidden in your foods!
  • How to understand food labels and looking at the importance of making healthier food choices
  • Information on different body types and how food and activity affects your body
  • Understanding the reasons why it is important to keep active
  • Explore why we might eat unhealthy foods or avoid doing any physical activity
  • Ways to increase your confidence and self esteem

How to join a Heighty Weight 13 - 17 years programme

It's easy, to find a programme near you check out Cornwall Healthy Weights' join in page, their programmes run all over Cornwall and we are in a different town every 12 weeks. Booking is essential, to book on to a programme check out the online booking form, or give them a call on 01209 313419 for more information 

For more information about any of the programmes please visit: https://www.cornwallhealthyweight.org.uk/your-healthy-weight/13-17-years/ 

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