4 - 7 Years

Cornwall Healthy Weight 4-7

4 - 7 Years

Eating well & being physically active is an important part of maintaining good health, and can help your child feel their best. We have 2 programmes available in Cornwall for children aged 4-7 years. Also, lots of information around healthy eating and physical activity for your children.

Healthy Weight 4 - 7 Years

Healthy Weight 4-7 years is for parents and carers of children aged 4-7 who want to learn more about leading a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their children. The programme is 10 weeks long with home visits either side of the programme to weigh and measure the children

  • Looking at the different food groups, eating a balanced and healthy diet and portion sizes for your whole family
  • Reading and understanding food labels and the importance of making healthier food choices, for the whole family
  • Looking at the hidden fats and sugars in our foods
  • Children are invited for the half term session for fun games and trying new foods

Cornwall Healthy Weight ask that you attend once a week after school, for 12 weeks. Sessions last up to two hours.

How to join a Heighty Weight 4 - 7 years programme

It's easy, to find a programme near you check out Cornwall Healthy Weights' join in page, their programmes run all over Cornwall and we are in a different town every 12 weeks. Booking is essential, to book on to a programme check out the online booking form, or give them a call on 01209 313419 for more information 

Lifestyle, Eating & Activity for Families (LEAF) 0 -6 years

The LEAF 0-6 years programme runs over 4 months and focuses on obesity in the 0-6 year old age group. The programme brings together the expertise of dietitians, physical activity specialists and pediatricians. Throughout the programme we will explore topics such as; healthy foods, food labelling, internal and external triggers, behaviour change, routine and activity. After the programme finishes families will be supported closer to home by health visitors or school nurses

If you are concerned about your child's weight and would like to find out more about LEAF 0-6 years programme, please speak to your Health Visitor or School Nurse.

For more information about any of the programmes please visit: https://www.cornwallhealthyweight.org.uk/your-healthy-weight/4-7-years/

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