7 - 13 Years

Cornwall Healthy Weight 7-13

7 - 13 Years

Find out more about Healthy weight 7-13 years programme, or if you just want some information on healthy eating and physical activity for your family.

Healthy Weight 7-13 years

Healthy Weight 7-13 years is a healthy lifestyle programme, for children aged 7 to 13 who are above a healthy weight. It is essential that at least one parent/guardian attends this programme with your child, but your whole family are invited and encouraged to attend together.

Sessions include:

  • You and your family will learn about nutrition, food groups, eating a balanced and healthy diet and look at different portion sizes to suit the whole family
  • We will look at how to read food labels, the importance of making healthier food choices and healthy shopping on a budget, as part of a supermarket tour
  • We will play lots of exciting games and activities together, to encourage your child/ren to become more active
  • We will have a practical cooking session to increase cooking skills and look at cooking healthy family meals on a budget
  • You will have chance to chat to other parents and share experiences, while your kids are enjoying fun activities and making new friends
  • Our main aim of all of our sessions is for everyone to have fun, make friends and enjoy the programme, to help increase confidence and self esteem

How to join a Heighty Weight 7 - 13 years programme

It's easy, to find a programme near you check out Cornwall Healthy Weights' join in page, their programmes run all over Cornwall and we are in a different town every 12 weeks. Booking is essential, to book on to a programme check out the online booking form, or give them a call on 01209 313419 for more information.

For more information about any of the programmes please visit: https://www.cornwallhealthyweight.org.uk/your-healthy-weight/7-13-years/

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