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Eating well is an important part of maintaining good health during pregnancy, it will help your baby develop and grow and can help you feel your best too. Also, keeping active and fit during pregnancy will make it easier for you to adapt to your changing shape and weight gain. It will also help you cope with labour and to get back into shape after the birth.

There is lots of research to suggest that weight management in pregnancy for overweight and obese women can be beneficial and reduce the risk of complications. However, excessive dieting is not recommended as it may be harmful. Check out the information below for helpful and realistic advice for expecting mums

Healthy Weight in Pregnancy

This programme offers one to one, individual support to pregnant women, who are above a healthy weight, by offering support and education around healthy eating, physical activity and weight management.


  • The importance of healthy eating during pregnancy: a balanced, nutritious and safe diet
  • Eating well on a budget and healthy eating tips for all your family
  • The importance of being active during pregnancy
  • Weight management during pregnancy
  • Promotion of Healthy Start Scheme and breastfeeding support
  • Discussion of local support, community groups and classes, should you wish
  • Sending useful resources, tools and personal action-plans to you, for you to follow


If you are interested in this programme, please ask your midwife to refer you. You can be referred at any stage during your pregnancy, but ideally following your first booking appointment.

For specific stop smoking in pregnancy advice please call: 01209 215666

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