Physical Activity Policy

It makes good business sense to promote the physical activity among your employees.

There is increasing evidence of a strong link between physical activity and productivity; and regular exercisers are consistently shown to utilise less sick leave that those who do not exercise.

Why a policy?

  • A physical activity policy is a written document which includes a statement of intent about how a company proposes to address physical activity issues in the workplace.
  • A policy offers the opportunity for management to demonstrate a formal commitment to the health of your employees.
  • A policy will outline physical activity goals with clear direction and methods for achieving these goals.
  • A policy offers a structured and coordinated approach to improving the physical activity status of your workforce.
  • A policy offers a basis for consultation with staff over the matter and is likely to be well received. Staff involvement is also an important step in encouraging people to take more control over their physical activity choices.
  • A physical activity policy will be complementary to any existing policies within the company such as tobacco or alcohol.
  • A policy will give recognition to the good physical activity practices already present in many companies.

A positive policy

A policy offers the opportunity for employers to demonstrate a formal commitment to the health of their employees. This commitment to employee health can help make you an 'employer of choice' and help attract talented people in a competitive marketplace. A workplace physical activity policy, unlike some policies, is not likely to be perceived as restrictive to employees. Instead, a physical activity policy makes a positive statement about the value an employer places on the health and well-being of their workforce. It is a practical way of boosting employee morale while providing a structured approach to improving the physical activity status of your employees

The benefits of the policy may include:-
  • Healthier and more energetic staff
  • Better physical activity habits among staff
  • Less sickness and long-term health problems linked to physical inactivity
  • Improved staff relations
  • Good company public relations
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced employee recruitment
For more infomation on creating a physical activity policy please download 
'Investing in Physical Activity in the Workplace: A Toolkit for Policy Development'
PA Certificate Toolkit for Policy Development

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