Easy Cricket is a concept which is all about getting people involved in informal games of cricket in a fun, engaging way. It is an inclusive game that can be played with minimal equipment, with mixed abilities and across genders.

Easy Cricket

Playing cricket contributes to a healthy, active lifestyle, as well as providing a chance for everybody involved to socialise as part of a team and enjoy the chance to play with and against, colleagues and friends, new and old.

Using easy formats of the game we want to support and encourage you to take the game to new adults and new places that may not have discovered the joys of hitting ‘a six', taking a diving catch or ‘clean bowling' someone.

It might be during a lunch break at work or after work. It could be in between lectures at University, or in the park with friends on a weekend, or for parents who are watching their kids play or train at a cricket club.

Cricket has to be:

  • Fun
  • Easy to understand, set up and play
  • Inclusive for all abilities
  • Adaptable to meet the needs of the group (the rules need to be adapted according to the group, space and time available)
  • Able to be played anywhere
  • Can be played during any length of time
  • Played by any number of players

What are we trying to achieve?

By introducing easy forms of cricket we are trying to get the game out to more people with the ambition to offer them a pathway into other playing opportunities if they wish. These opportunities could include joining a local club, entering a team into the local Last Man Stands league or winter indoor league.

How is it delivered?

Easy Cricket will be delivered by Cricket Activators who might be able to get further support like training and a kit bag to help them initiate their Easy Cricket sessions

A cricket activator is the person who will galvanise, encourage and get people playing. Ideally the cricket activator would be a cricket enthusiast, someone who is already committed to the game and through their association with a club can instantly offer adults a pathway.

However, anyone who is willing to give it a go and get people enthused should get involved.

Cricket Workplace 

We will recruit activators in workplaces, universities and colleges; we will provide simple playing kit in return for a commitment to getting more adults playing regularly, a simple M&E process will be in place.

The activator will also be supported with a How to guide, downloadable tools (like fliers/posters) and lots of fun and exciting ideas on what to do in sessions.

There is even a pathway for activators into the coaching framework.

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