Whether you're a banker or a local butcher the world of work can be very competitive and stressful, with people working for long hours. With work often a 24-hour concern, having the time and motivation for fun and physical activity doesn't come along often. With its quick, simple but competitive nature, rounders presents the perfect antidote for people looking for pure escapism. It's also a great way of developing strong team bonds among co-workers.Rounders
  As people usually work in departments, one way of motivating people to play may be to organise an inter-departmental championship or league. Or maybe local businesses could compete against each other.

The Rounders England Toolkit offers perfect guidelines for a workplace to set up their own Rounders activity. With different approaches available for both small and large businesses, it gives you information on rules and setting up activity as well as promotional materials to help you spread the word! You can find all this at:

Contact Lewis Sanders for any support setting up Rounders with your workplace.

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