Squash & Racketball


If you are looking for a great way to get fit, meet new people, and have fun then squash is the sport for you! You only need thirty minutes and you can get a great all round work out, so even the busiest people can fit it in around work, family and other commitments. You can even squeeze a game in on your lunch break, after work or at your free time during the day!

Squash is a fantastic sport that is easy to learn and can be played by all ages and abilities in a healthy and sociable environment.

Squash also helps to improve your fitness, it provides an intense cardiovascular and muscular workout - perfect for burning calories.


Racketball is very similar to squash, but is played with a slightly larger racket and a bigger, bouncier ball, making it easy to get a rally going. This ensures a good workout for both players.

Like Squash, Racketball is easier to learn and great for social fun and fitness. You don't need any

previous experience to get started so it great if you have never played before

Play It

Play It sessions are the perfect way to continue playing in an organised structure against like-minded people of all abilities in a social and friendly environment.

If you want to organise your own Play it session download the guide below.

Court Challenge Series

Court Challenge Series events are a great way to get involved in a fun squash or racketball competition. Players of all ages and abilities are welcome to take part in these events. With Court Challenge Series events being organised across the nation make sure you find out where your nearest one is by using our Big Hit widget or keep an eye out on the workplace challenge event page.


If you'd like to organise your own Court Challenge Series download the guide below.

The Court Challenge Box Leagues is a new addition to the Big Hit range. Box Leagues are run in local leisure centers or clubs and provide you with the opportunity to play matches against other like minded individuals in the same facility. This gives you the chance to play several matches a month at a time that suits you. Again use our Big Hit widget to locate Court Challenge Box Leagues near you.

For any further information about Squash & Racketball please contact contact Tim Marrion - Partnership Manager - Community and Workforce, Cornwall Sports Partnership 

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