Active Workplace

Want a more active lifestyle and to feel fitter and healthier?...then make a splash with your Active Workplace!

Did you know that 23% of people in Britain spend at least an average of 2.4 days of their working week sitting down. This equates to 2,760 hours or 115 days a year!

What better time to start turning this shocking statistic around? And what better way than by going swimming? It's fun, easy and everyone can join in no matter how experienced you are.

Active Workplace, brought to you by the Amateur Swimming Association and Sport England, is a specialised scheme designed to help boost the health and well-being of workforces across the UK, and help their employees fit regular amounts of exercise into their hectic working lifestyles.

By teaming up with local swimming pools, the Active Workplace initiative aims to get more people swimming more often by building new partnerships, developing new pathways and targeting new people with ASA products and programmes such as British Gas Swimfit.

Swimming is great to get your heart pumping with little strain on the body, so everyone no matter what your age, experience or fitness should give it a go. Just 30 minutes of swimming at least once a week can improve sleep patterns, lower stress levels, improve your mood and burn fat.

So what are you waiting for... JUMP IN!

To find out more about how to get involved in this fantastic scheme contact Tim Marrion - Partnership Manager - Community and Workforce, Cornwall Sports Partnership


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