Top Tips for Providers

Top Tips for Providers of Activity to Children and Young People with ASC:

A picture (or even better a video) of the class or club would be very useful. Also an opportunity to meet the person leading it beforehand.

• Offering less structured / free play sessions for children with processing difficulties or who struggle to follow instructions due to sensory issues and offering these sessions in smaller groups with a focus on having a go and having fun rather than achievement

• Having access to things like photos of staff and the rooms online; that was a pre "walk though" can be done with the child before they access the venue, this reduces anxiety.

• Have access to a safe space for a child to be calm if they become overwhelmed. Be that another room or a sensory pop up den where they can retreat to.

• Consider what other kinds of noises they may be subjected to? Radios/ music playing? Can that be adjusted and adapted to suit?

Lighting; is it stark artificial light and if so, can it be adjusted or turned down to accommodate

Sizes of class; too many kids per class = Meltdown for many staff.

• What ASC training have they had and would they be willing to update it annually to ensure they keep on top of new strategies and techniques

• Consider the clothing required for the activity and how suitable this is, ie swim costumes, Can they wear gripping socks instead of bare feet? Do they have to wear a uniform?


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