Mental Wellbeing

mw headEvery year, one-in-four of us will experience a mental health problem. Yet it is still something the majority of us are loathed to talk about or address.

In trying to change this we want to use the power of sport and physical activity to make activities welcoming, positive and inclusive for everyone.

The public want more to be done to support mental health sport and activity programmes as a survey published has found that 84% of people believe that the Government should invest more money in mental health sport and physical activity programmes.

The poll, established to examine the public's understanding of how sport and recreation can impact mental health, also revealed 80% of people agree their mental health is improved if they exercise or are physically active. The study of 1,000 respondents was commissioned by the Sport and Recreation Alliance, the Professional Player's Federation (PPF) and Mind.

We want to use sport to promote mental wellbeing and enrich the lives of people experiencing mental health problems through the provision of regular inclusive sport and physical activity sessions.

Use our search engine to find activities suitable for those with mental health problems. Just enter your area and add ‘Mental Wellbeing' as your activity.

The following are a number of links to support delivery in this area:


Mental Health Charter

CharterThe Sport and Recreation Alliance alongside the Professional Players Federation and with support from the mental health charity Mind, have created the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation.

The Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation sets out how sport can use its collective power to tackle mental ill health and the stigma that surrounds it.

The Sport and Recreation Alliance are asking for other sporting organisations to commit to take positive steps to address and encourage people to be open about mental health issues.



Mind - ‘For better mental health'

Mental Health charity Mind have created the 'Get Set To Go' programme with the tag line - being active can change your life. It features motivational stories and practical ideas to help you get started with physical activity.

Visit to give it ago.


T2CTime to Change

The attitudes of others stop people with mental health problems getting the help and support they need. Too many people with mental health problems are made to feel isolated, ashamed and worthless.

Together, Time to Change want everyone to open up to mental health; to talk and to listen.


State of MindState of Mind

State of Mind promotes positive mental health among sportsmen and women, fans and wider communities, and ultimately to prevent suicide.

They raise awareness of the issues surrounding mental health and wellbeing and deliver education on the subject to all levels of sport, business, education and community groups.

On a recent visit to Cornwall where they spoke at the ‘Cornwall Towards Zero Suicide Conference' and with a number of students on academy programmes at Truro and Penwith College Dr Phil Cooper said "It was an honour and a pleasure to be part of the Towards Zero Suicide event in Truro and to present to the students at Truro college.  The opportunity for health and sport to work together to improve sport performance and mental fitness generally is an approach that can work fantastically well across Cornwall."

To see more of the work State of Mind are doing please visit

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